Title box - Strategy You life coaching workshop

The Strategy: You workshop takes you to the next level after determining your values: what are your strengths that you can use to create change in your life?

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This workshop is what I consider to be the next step after my values development/integration workshop, From Burnout to Brilliant. Once we establish a baseline for our core values, it’s time to identify what our strengths are and how best to apply them.  Even if you have not taken that workshop, you can still attend this one. I lead you through a mini-exercise to help you identify you highest level values.

Before we can identify our strengths, however, we need to address any limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and what we can accomplish. These limiting beliefs often squelch us being able to manifest our strengths. This is a new module I added to this workshop based on my experiences with my coaching clients and past workshop attendees.

Another new exercise I added is a coaching technique called the mentor’s table. I take attendees through this activity to give them an internal resource to call upon as they answer what might be some challenging questions about their limiting beliefs.

I spent nearly 25 years in marketing and business planning. I have incorporated the coaching methodologies I use every day in my life and career coaching practice in order to help attendees create change in their lives with the traditional business planning principles I used in my former business life.  The same methods used in business and marketing are applied in helping workshop participants develop a renewed appreciation of their strengths and evaluate the next best steps in their lives.

Using coaching methods, I will bring alive the traditional SWOT Analysis in ways you’ve never experienced before. The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is one of the building blocks of successful strategic planning. Applying various philosophies of personal development, I weave into this analysis a variety of strategies to help workshop participants stretch themselves toward new ways of thinking about their potential and methods to integrate this knowledge into all future decisions.

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Feedback from previous workshops:

I felt inspired, excited and all of what we did helped me identify where I need to go next and ways to organize steps on the path.
Meredith Eastwood
I was completed inspired and motivated by this workshop – my confidence was promoted and elevated.
Nancy Johnson


It helped me to become more self-reflective. Made me feel there are possibilities for positive changes in my thinking.


The visualization exercise was great. It is something that is harder for me.  The time for that was spot on.
Carol Saghir


Outstanding presentation!
D.R. Atkinson


This was a great way to visualize and get the feeling of how my completed goal might feel.
Mattie H.

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